Instagram guidelines

What are Instagrams Community Guidelines on watch-related content?

If you're an avid watch enthusiast, you might have noticed some of your posts being removed by Instagram's algorithm, citing breaches of community guidelines. But what exactly does this entail, and how does Instagram classify an image, taken by yourself, as a breach of community guidelines?

Share only photos & videos you have taken or have the right to share:

It’s evident that original imagery is key, yet Instagram’s algorithm may misconstrue similar wrist shots as brand images. This could be attributed to the abundance of wrist shots and their striking resemblance, potentially confusing the algorithm.

Post photos and videos that are suitable for a diverse audience:

While the community might encourage and support slightly risqué watch shots, Instagram’s algorithm could flag them, affecting subsequent posts that are completely PG.

Foster meaningful and genuine interactions:

The essence lies in the captions you choose. A descriptive narrative about your day or the watch’s history would be deemed meaningful and genuine, whereas a concise caption like “Today’s wrist shot with [insert brand name]” might trigger the algorithm’s spam filter.

Follow the law:

Legal obligations vary by country. For instance, featuring firearms alongside a watch might be innocuous in one region but problematic in another, such as the UK’s strict stance on imitation firearms.

Respect other members of the Instagram community:

While constructive criticism is valued, Instagram’s policies might not always align. What you perceive as constructive feedback, like expressing weariness over another Speedmaster launch, might not meet Instagram’s criteria for acceptable discourse.

Help keep the community strong:

Reporting posts is a double-edged sword, subject to both genuine concerns and malicious intent. Instagram’s protocol likely involves prompt removal pending human review, ensuring the platform’s integrity.

To clarify, this interpretation reflects my understanding of Instagram’s approach to watch-related content, gleaned from existing guidelines and community feedback.