End of Bremont?

Is this the end of the Bremont Watch Company?

With Bremont making their debut at Watches and Wonders for the first time in their history, the unveiling of their new branding and watch concept seems to have sparked considerable backlash from longtime owners. The shift away from the unique designs crafted by the English brothers has left many questioning the future direction of the Henley-on-Thames watchmaker. The pressing question on everyone's minds: Is this the end of Bremont as we know it?




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The arrival of Davide Cerrato in 2023 marked a significant milestone for Bremont. With a distinguished background, including key roles at Tudor and Montblanc, Cerrato’s appointment generated high expectations within the watchmaking community.

However, what caught many enthusiasts and watch bloggers off guard was the surprising exit of Giles and Nick, the founders of Bremont. Their decision to take a back seat in the company’s new direction came as a shock, especially considering the lack of public advertisement regarding this shift. This unexpected development left many pondering the implications it might have on Bremont’s future trajectory and brand identity.

The Branding

Bremont logo

Under the leadership of the new CEO, a fresh visual identity emerged for Bremont, but unfortunately, it failed to meet the expectations set by the previous branding. The introduction of a new compass logo and accompanying typeface leaned more towards a military aesthetic, diverging from the classy and elegant image Bremont collectors had grown accustomed to. Some critics even likened the new look to the style of the clothing brand Stone Island, which didn’t quite align with the prestige expected of a luxury watch brand.

As glimpses of the brand’s new identity surfaced on social media, it became increasingly evident that this departure from Bremont’s aviation heritage could potentially impact the success of the watch launches.

The Watches

Bremont supermarine

As Watches and Wonders unfolded, the unveiling of the new watches adorned with Bremont’s revamped identity sparked a wave of confusion and disappointment among onlookers. While the new timepieces weren’t necessarily unattractive, they failed to exude the essence of a luxury watch brand like Bremont. Each watch boasted intricate craftsmanship, yet the overall impression left many feeling underwhelmed.

Existing owners found themselves questioning the design decisions behind each model and were quick to point out perceived corners cut to minimize expenses on the new range. The narrative surrounding each watch’s creation aimed for authenticity, but the execution fell short of expectations, leaving a lingering sense of disappointment in its wake.

The Price

Bremont vs Tudor Price

With the introduction of new models inevitably comes a fresh set of prices, and for current enthusiasts disheartened by the radical changes, this proved to be another point of contention. Many were taken aback by the pricing of the new models, further alienating them from the brand they once cherished. Some went as far as comparing Bremont to micro brands still finding their place in the market, noting the striking similarities in pricing with more established and meticulously crafted brands like Tudor.

Is this the end of the Bremont we've come to know?

It appears that Bremont is committed to this new direction, and while it may not resonate with us personally, there will likely be new fans eager to explore the brand’s evolution. However, for those who cherished the old trip-tic cases and unique designs, it seems this chapter has reached its conclusion. While we wish Bremont success in their endeavors, there’s a part of us that wouldn’t mind seeing the brothers make a comeback and restore some of the nostalgia we’ve come to love.

Rolex prices in decline

Are Rolex watch prices still on the decline?

Indeed, some Rolex models continue to see secondary price declines, primarily because of reduced demand at retail. However, it's important to note that the majority of Steel Sports Rolex Models are maintaining their value well. We anticipate that these particular watches won't dip below their retail prices anytime soon.

Rolex GMT Master II

Are Rolex watch prices still on the decline? - Rolex-GMT Master II

The GMT Master II stands out as one of Rolex’s most sought-after sports models, often commanding lengthy waiting lists, averaging around three years for a steel variant. Since the introduction of the Black and Blue Bezel GMT, fondly dubbed ‘The Batman’, in 2016, this range has experienced a notable surge in demand, resulting in increased premiums. Among the GMT Master II lineup, we anticipate that the following references will continue to carry premiums above their list prices for the foreseeable future, encompassing both Oyster and Jubilee variants:

Rolex Daytona

Are Rolex watch prices still on the decline? - Rolex Daytona

Rolex’s most coveted timepiece undoubtedly remains the Daytona. Its evolution, notably with the introduction of a ceramic bezel in 2016, initiated what we now recognize as the infamous ‘waitlist’. Demand for this iconic watch soared, with average wait times initially hovering around 3-6 months. Fast forward to today, and prospective buyers face an astonishing wait of approximately 10-15 years, assuming they’re fortunate enough to secure a spot on a waiting list in the first place.

Similar to the GMT Master II, the most sought-after Daytona models are all in steel variants, including the ‘Panda & Reverse Panda’ reference: 126500LN.

Rolex Submariner

Are Rolex watch prices still on the decline? - Rolex-submariner

The Rolex Submariner reigns as the world’s most coveted steel sports model. Although more accessible at retail through authorized dealers, steel variants of these watches still command a modest premium for buyers seeking one within a two-year timeframe. For those keen on preserving value, we suggest considering the following models:

Rolex Sky-Dweller

Are Rolex watch prices still on the decline? - Rolex Sky-dweller

The Rolex Sky-Dweller stands out as one of the most intricate timepieces ever crafted by Rolex. Securing a steel variant with either a blue or green dial demands a notable premium. Prospective buyers should brace themselves for a potential wait of around three years for the opportunity to acquire one. For those determined to pursue this horological gem, the model number to keep in mind is:

Blue/Green dial – reference: 336934

So what should you do?

While it’s unlikely that any of these Rolex models will dip below retail price, our guiding principle remains: invest in a timepiece you truly enjoy. While the idea of a watch retaining its value is appealing, fixating solely on this aspect could lead to dissatisfaction. It’s crucial to choose a watch that resonates with you, as focusing solely on its value might result in regret and potential financial loss if you decide to sell it later on.

For more help on this subject, check out our Article: Is a Rolex Watch a Good Short-Term Investment in 2024?

Worst Rolex watches of 2024

The Worst 3 Rolex Watch Releases from Watches and Wonders 2024.

Where there are triumphs, there inevitably lurk a few disappointments. Let's delve into the three Rolex watches from Watches & Wonders 2024 that failed to impress, earning them a spot among the year's biggest letdowns.

Rolex DeepSea - A.k.a 'The Oil Baron'

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 Deepsea

The new Rolex Deepsea in full gold is a conversation starter. While its hefty 18k gold construction makes it less suited for deep dives, it offers a luxurious take on a professional-grade timepiece. This might appeal to collectors who value Rolex’s engineering heritage with a touch of opulence. However, the substantial weight and price point compared to the stainless steel Deepsea may limit its audience.

Rolex Daytona - M.O.P Dial & Diamond Bezel

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 Daytona

The new gem-set Daytona collection offers a luxurious take on the iconic chronograph, featuring sparkling diamonds and a rare pearl dial. While it caters to a distinct clientele comfortable with a £90-100,000 price tag, it might not be the most universally desired iteration of the Daytona.

Rolex Sky-Dweller - Jubilee Variant

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 Skydweller

The Rolex market softening has impacted the Sky-Dweller, especially full yellow or rose gold models priced above £40,000. Rolex’s introduction of a Sky-Dweller with a jubilee bracelet presents an interesting twist. While it might increase the retail price, it could also broaden the watch’s appeal to those who prefer the jubilee style. The net effect on secondary market prices remains to be seen.

What did Rolex do well in 2024?

Rolex’s Watches and Wonders 2024 lineup offered a diverse range of releases, with some models sparking more excitement than others. Check out our article on the Top 3 Rolex Watches at Watches and Wonders 2024

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024

Top 3 Rolex Watches from Watches & Wonders 2024

Watches & Wonders is here, and Rolex lovers are buzzing with excitement over the brand's latest releases. Let's dive into the coolest picks that are sure to turn heads!

Rolex GMT Master II - Black & Grey Bezel (A.k.a Bruce Wayne)

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 GMT Master 2

In a surprising turn of events, the iconic black bezel GMT Master II has made a comeback, albeit with a unique twist: a striking grey half encircling the bezel, a departure from its previous full black design discontinued back in 2019. Anticipated by numerous watch enthusiasts who had seen mock-ups circulating on reddit prior to its release, this rendition, though lacking in groundbreaking originality, stands out as Rolex’s most notable steel release in 2024.

We anticipate that this watch will typically be sought after in your local ads but won’t be excessively in demand within a year.

Rolex 1908 - Platinum Guilloche rice-grain motif

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 1908

Rolex’s most captivating addition to the 1908 lineup is a platinum model featuring a mesmerizing Guilloché rice-grain dial. This luxurious timepiece joins the existing white and yellow gold variants, and it arguably steals the show. However, prepare to loosen your purse strings – the leather-strapped platinum 1908 starts at a cool £26,000. While a slightly lower price point would undoubtedly propel it to mega-hit status, the exclusivity and intricate craftsmanship undeniably justify the cost.

Rolex DayDate 40 / 36 - Green Dials

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 daydate

Rolex caps off its latest releases with a stunning Day-Date surprise: two unique green dials in a single timepiece. One variation boasts classic Roman numerals, while the other dazzles with baguette diamond hour markers. This audacious design is certain to become a collector’s favourite, but be prepared to invest – it carries a hefty price tag of around £34,000.

Similar to the highly sought-after Olive Day-Date in rose gold, we anticipate these new green-dialed Day-Date models to command a premium of around £5,000 above retail price.

Any watches to avoid from Rolex?

While there were certainly some standout winners this year, there were also a few notable disappointments. Dive into our article highlighting The Worst 3 Rolex Watch Releases from Watches & Wonders 2024.

are watches a good investment?

Are watches a good investment?

Depending on the brand you choose, some watches can be classified as a ‘good’ investment. However, like all investments, there are several factors to consider, such as the potential depreciation in the price of the purchased watch.

Here are some rules to adhere to when considering watch investments:

Rule No.1 - Stick to Your Budget

Are watches a good investment? - Budget

The primary rule when investing in watches is to adhere to your budget and try not to exceed it. The more you spend, the higher the risk of financial loss.

If you can comfortably afford to invest £10,000, limit your spending to that amount. If stretching your budget could cause financial strain, reconsider your investment strategy.

It’s advisable to reserve the funds for the desired watch and wait for availability rather than financing the purchase and accruing additional costs through annual percentage rates (APRs).

Rule No.2 - Select the Right Brand

Are watches a good investment? - brand

Not all watch brands are equal. While there exists a certain level of snobbery surrounding watch brands, it’s an undisputed fact that some brands are more collectible and sought after than others.

This doesn’t necessarily make them superior, but it does increase their investment potential. Among the top brands offering investment potential are Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe.

Rule No.3 - Choose the Right Model

Are watches a good investment? - Patek

After determining the brand you prefer, it’s crucial to select a model that has a high likelihood of retaining or increasing its value. However, this decision is heavily influenced by market trends. What’s popular today may not hold the same appeal in six months or a year.

As of 2024, the most sought-after models include the Rolex Submariner, GMT Master 2, and Daytona; the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak; and the Patek Philippe Nautilus and Aquanaut.

Rule No.4 - Choose Your Desired Specifications

Are watches a good investment? - Rolex hulk

Within each model, various characteristics differentiate one watch from another. These include the type of metal used, which can range from steel to gold or platinum, as well as the bracelet variations, such as different styles or materials like rubber.

Most importantly, consider the dial variations. When contemplating a watch purchase with future investment potential, pay close attention to the dial, as it is the most unique and sought-after feature.

Popular dials often feature bold colors or rare materials, setting them apart from more conventional counterparts. These distinctive characteristics make them highly desirable to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Rule No.5 - Always Purchase Something You Like

Are watches a good investment? - Rolex datejust

While it may seem obvious, many individuals find themselves swept up in the allure of luxury watches and make impulsive purchases without considering their personal taste. Investing in a watch that you dislike or find uncomfortable to wear can lead to disappointment and financial loss in the long run.

A final thought

Like all investments, the value of watches can fluctuate, sometimes rising and sometimes falling. It’s essential to understand that while watches can be viewed as long-term investments, conducting thorough research is crucial when purchasing luxury items. Ensuring the legitimacy, authenticity, and solid provenance of the items is advised.

As a watch collector and enthusiast, I’ve come to accept that the value of my collection might not equate to half of what I initially invested in it, and that’s perfectly fine with me. Each watch in my collection holds sentimental value, telling its own unique story of why I acquired it. To me, watches transcend mere investment—they represent a beloved hobby that I share with friends and fellow enthusiasts worldwide.

To help retain your watches value check out our article: 7 tips to retain the value of your luxury watch

Instagram guidelines

What are Instagrams Community Guidelines on watch-related content?

If you're an avid watch enthusiast, you might have noticed some of your posts being removed by Instagram's algorithm, citing breaches of community guidelines. But what exactly does this entail, and how does Instagram classify an image, taken by yourself, as a breach of community guidelines?

Share only photos & videos you have taken or have the right to share:

It’s evident that original imagery is key, yet Instagram’s algorithm may misconstrue similar wrist shots as brand images. This could be attributed to the abundance of wrist shots and their striking resemblance, potentially confusing the algorithm.

Post photos and videos that are suitable for a diverse audience:

While the community might encourage and support slightly risqué watch shots, Instagram’s algorithm could flag them, affecting subsequent posts that are completely PG.

Foster meaningful and genuine interactions:

The essence lies in the captions you choose. A descriptive narrative about your day or the watch’s history would be deemed meaningful and genuine, whereas a concise caption like “Today’s wrist shot with [insert brand name]” might trigger the algorithm’s spam filter.

Follow the law:

Legal obligations vary by country. For instance, featuring firearms alongside a watch might be innocuous in one region but problematic in another, such as the UK’s strict stance on imitation firearms.

Respect other members of the Instagram community:

While constructive criticism is valued, Instagram’s policies might not always align. What you perceive as constructive feedback, like expressing weariness over another Speedmaster launch, might not meet Instagram’s criteria for acceptable discourse.

Help keep the community strong:

Reporting posts is a double-edged sword, subject to both genuine concerns and malicious intent. Instagram’s protocol likely involves prompt removal pending human review, ensuring the platform’s integrity.

To clarify, this interpretation reflects my understanding of Instagram’s approach to watch-related content, gleaned from existing guidelines and community feedback.

The New Rolex Model for 2024 - Name Revealed!

With the imminent discontinuation of the Yacht-Master II series, speculation abounds regarding Rolex's forthcoming timepieces, and recent trademark filings offer intriguing clues. As customary with Rolex, each series undergoes trademark registration before its official unveiling, and the emergence of new trademarks under Rolex S.A in 2023 fuels anticipation for potential releases in 2024.



Among the trademarks, ‘Land-Dweller’ stands out as the latest entry in the trademark journal. This name suggests a new series possibly akin to the acclaimed and intricate Sky-Dweller. While its exact functionalities remain shrouded in mystery, conjecture hints at its suitability for rugged terrains like deserts or jungles, possibly expanding Rolex’s explorer line. The prospect of another sports watch from Rolex is indeed exciting!



Fascinatingly, Rolex has recently protected the trademark ‘Space-Dweller,’ which dates back to 1966. Originally associated with the Rolex Explorer aboard the Apollo 8 mission to the moon, the Space-Dweller’s legacy was dormant until its recent resurgence in 2021. This revival suggests a potential expansion of the Sky-Dweller series, reaching for new heights, possibly in anticipation of the upcoming lunar mission in 2025. While its exact purpose remains speculative, the Space-Dweller may be tailored for space exploration, adding another dimension to Rolex’s esteemed ‘dweller’ collection.



Lastly, ‘Oystermatic’ appears less as a watch name and more as a functional feature, indicated by its trademark classification under ‘parts of watches’. The specifics of this new functionality remain a mystery, sparking curiosity as to its potential applications. Speculatively, it could introduce innovative methods to enhance power reserve, akin to Omega’s Spirate System, promising advancements in Rolex’s timekeeping technology.

So what is coming up next from Rolex?

As for Rolex’s future moves, the company’s penchant for replacing discontinued models with new offerings is well-documented. While predicting Rolex’s precise course of action is challenging, the pattern suggests an exciting April 2024 release schedule, poised to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Take a look at our recent article around The Rolex Watches that will discontinued in 2024

Rolex 2024 Discontinued

The Rolex watches that will be discontinued in 2024

Yes, you've read it correctly. This is a confirmed list of watches set to be discontinued from the Rolex Watch catalogue in April 2024. How do we know this well-kept secret? We've been in touch with various authorised dealers from different brands and have collated consistent information across all of them. With a 99% degree of certainty, we can say that the following watches will be discontinued at the upcoming Watches and Wonders event.

Yacht-Master II

Yacht Master II 2024

All watches from the Yacht Master II collection will be discontinued, encompassing all variations in steel, Rolesor, and full gold pieces. While this news may not surprise many Rolex collectors, it deals a significant blow to the Yacht Master line, which first debuted in 2007. The decision to discontinue stems from the Yacht Master II’s sales performance falling short of its smaller siblings, the Yacht Master and GMT Master. While we might see some fluctuations in its price, its lack of popularity suggests limited potential for a resurgence.

Datejust Motif Dials:

Datejust 2024

Another notable discontinuation is the Rolex Datejust Motif dials, known for their rarity and difficulty to acquire. As of April 2024, all variations of the motif dials found on steel and Rolesor models in 36mm and 41mm sizes will cease production. Among the most sought-after were the green palm 36mm Datejust and the green & blue motif Datejust 41. Expect these watches to appreciate in value, potentially by around 10% over current secondary prices.

Oyster Perpetuals – Coloured Dials

Oyster perpetual 2024

A significant blow to new and upcoming Rolex collectors is the discontinuation of the Oyster Perpetual coloured dials introduced in 2020. When these dials debuted, they enjoyed immense popularity, with most fetching a substantial premium, especially in the larger case sizes. With news of their discontinuation, these relatively affordable pieces are poised to skyrocket in value, with an estimated 30% increase over current premiums.

So what is coming up next from Rolex?

Given the prominence of these discontinued models, one can reasonably expect Rolex to introduce replacement models. Stay tuned for our next article – The New Rolex Model for 2024 – Name Revealed! for further insights.

Is a Rolex Watch a Good Short-Term Investment in 2024?

After a tumultuous year in 2023, consumers generally perceive that the majority of Rolex models may not be lucrative short-term investments. This sentiment arises from the watch market's volatile nature and the inundation of second-hand watches saturating the secondary market, making many Rolex watches highly competitive to sell at a premium.


Nevertheless, the long-term investment potential remains intact, allowing enthusiasts to acquire their long-awaited timepieces with the intention of holding onto them for the next 3-5 years, if not longer.

Should Rolex be Considered an Investment?

This categorisation varies depending on the perspective. From a collector’s standpoint, Rolex is not typically classified as an investment but rather as an heirloom that can be passed down to future generations.

Conversely, those attempting to sell you a watch might label it a ‘potential investment,’ as it could yield a modest return over the years of ownership. It’s essential to note that this viewpoint may be slightly biased, potentially making the purchase more palatable, particularly when the watch’s price exceeds the recommended retail price.

Should I Still Buy a Rolex if it Won't Appreciate as an Investment?

Certainly, consider Rolex as a brand to own, as it stands out among Swiss watch manufacturers for producing a superior product that can be liquidated and converted into cash anywhere in the world. While not guaranteeing profitability, this suggests that in times of urgent need for cash, a Rolex watch could serve as a reliable asset to quickly convert into funds.

What is the Best Rolex to Purchase in 2024?

Out of the entire collection of watches that Rolex offers, the top three watches consistently recommended are the Daytona, GMT Master II, and the Submariner. All three of these watches boast excellent heritage within military, popular culture, and engineering communities, solidifying their status as timeless classics.

What are the best ways to retain the value of my Rolex?

The optimal method for maintaining the value of your Rolex watch is by ensuring it stays in impeccable condition. This involves securely storing it in a dedicated watch case, such as our Clam Single Watch Travel Cases. This serves as the ideal solution to safeguard your watch from scratches or dents, whether during travel or when stored in a vault or safe.

For those aiming to preserve the bracelet of their watch in optimal condition we highly recommend considering the switch to one of our Rolex Rubber Straps.

By doing so, you can uphold the pristine appearance of your bracelet and minimise the general wear and tear associated with careful ownership.

Will the Rolex Pepsi be discontinued in 2024?

The fate of the Rolex GMT Master 2 - 126710BLRO, affectionately known as the Pepsi, hangs in the balance as speculation mounts regarding its potential discontinuation. Having graced the wrists of enthusiasts since its introduction in 2018, the iconic timepiece faces the possibility of being retired, particularly with the 70th anniversary of the Rolex GMT Master 2 on the horizon in 2024.

Factors Influencing Discontinuation

One prominent factor contributing to the swirling rumors is the reported manufacturing challenges in creating the signature red and blue ceramic bezel of the Pepsi. Authorized dealers have hinted at these challenges, adding an air of uncertainty to the watch’s future. While taking such rumors with a grain of salt is prudent, there is a discernible suggestion that a reduction in supply may be on the horizon as Rolex potentially navigates a transition to a 41mm case size.

Anticipated Changes to the GMT Master 2

If the discontinuation rumors prove true, speculation arises about the potential changes that may accompany a revamped GMT Master 2. Foremost among these predictions is the upgrading of the movement, coupled with the adoption of a larger 41mm case size. Drawing parallels with the Submariner, which underwent a similar size increase in 2020, such modifications would align with Rolex’s pursuit of innovation and consistency across its lineup.

Potential Successor to the GMT Pepsi

In the event of the Pepsi’s retirement, enthusiasts are left to wonder what Rolex might introduce in its place. Speculation points towards the resurrection of the GMT Coke, now featuring a ceramic bezel and available on both the oyster and jubilee bracelet options. With its original introduction dating back to 1983, the GMT Coke has a storied history and remains a coveted choice among collectors. Opting for a darker-colored bezel could also alleviate manufacturing challenges, making the introduction of this model a logical and headache-free transition for Rolex.

When will we know?

The watch community is on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating official word from Rolex about the fate of the GMT Master 2 – 126710BLRO and the potential end of the Pepsi era. Whether these speculations turn out to be true or not, one thing is crystal clear – the suspense surrounding Rolex’s next move is keeping collectors and enthusiasts alike hooked.

If the Pepsi is indeed on the chopping block, the big reveal is slated for the start of April at Watches and Wonder in 2024. Stay tuned for the moment of truth! 🕰️🤞