Is a Rolex Watch a Good Short-Term Investment in 2024?

After a tumultuous year in 2023, consumers generally perceive that the majority of Rolex models may not be lucrative short-term investments. This sentiment arises from the watch market's volatile nature and the inundation of second-hand watches saturating the secondary market, making many Rolex watches highly competitive to sell at a premium.


Nevertheless, the long-term investment potential remains intact, allowing enthusiasts to acquire their long-awaited timepieces with the intention of holding onto them for the next 3-5 years, if not longer.

Should Rolex be Considered an Investment?

This categorisation varies depending on the perspective. From a collector’s standpoint, Rolex is not typically classified as an investment but rather as an heirloom that can be passed down to future generations.

Conversely, those attempting to sell you a watch might label it a ‘potential investment,’ as it could yield a modest return over the years of ownership. It’s essential to note that this viewpoint may be slightly biased, potentially making the purchase more palatable, particularly when the watch’s price exceeds the recommended retail price.

Should I Still Buy a Rolex if it Won't Appreciate as an Investment?

Certainly, consider Rolex as a brand to own, as it stands out among Swiss watch manufacturers for producing a superior product that can be liquidated and converted into cash anywhere in the world. While not guaranteeing profitability, this suggests that in times of urgent need for cash, a Rolex watch could serve as a reliable asset to quickly convert into funds.

What is the Best Rolex to Purchase in 2024?

Out of the entire collection of watches that Rolex offers, the top three watches consistently recommended are the Daytona, GMT Master II, and the Submariner. All three of these watches boast excellent heritage within military, popular culture, and engineering communities, solidifying their status as timeless classics.

What are the best ways to retain the value of my Rolex?

The optimal method for maintaining the value of your Rolex watch is by ensuring it stays in impeccable condition. This involves securely storing it in a dedicated watch case, such as our Clam Single Watch Travel Cases. This serves as the ideal solution to safeguard your watch from scratches or dents, whether during travel or when stored in a vault or safe.

For those aiming to preserve the bracelet of their watch in optimal condition we highly recommend considering the switch to one of our Rolex Rubber Straps.

By doing so, you can uphold the pristine appearance of your bracelet and minimise the general wear and tear associated with careful ownership.