With Bremont making their debut at Watches and Wonders for the first time in their history, the unveiling of their new branding and watch concept seems to have sparked considerable backlash from longtime owners. The shift away from the unique designs crafted by the English brothers has left many questioning the future direction of the Henley-on-Thames watchmaker. The pressing question on everyone's minds: Is this the end of Bremont as we know it? 



Image from WatchPro

The arrival of Davide Cerrato in 2023 marked a significant milestone for Bremont. With a distinguished background, including key roles at Tudor and Montblanc, Cerrato’s appointment generated high expectations within the watchmaking community.

However, what caught many enthusiasts and watch bloggers off guard was the surprising exit of Giles and Nick, the founders of Bremont. Their decision to take a back seat in the company’s new direction came as a shock, especially considering the lack of public advertisement regarding this shift. This unexpected development left many pondering the implications it might have on Bremont’s future trajectory and brand identity.

The Branding

Bremont logo

Under the leadership of the new CEO, a fresh visual identity emerged for Bremont, but unfortunately, it failed to meet the expectations set by the previous branding. The introduction of a new compass logo and accompanying typeface leaned more towards a military aesthetic, diverging from the classy and elegant image Bremont collectors had grown accustomed to. Some critics even likened the new look to the style of the clothing brand Stone Island, which didn’t quite align with the prestige expected of a luxury watch brand.

As glimpses of the brand’s new identity surfaced on social media, it became increasingly evident that this departure from Bremont’s aviation heritage could potentially impact the success of the watch launches.

The Watches

Bremont supermarine

As Watches and Wonders unfolded, the unveiling of the new watches adorned with Bremont’s revamped identity sparked a wave of confusion and disappointment among onlookers. While the new timepieces weren’t necessarily unattractive, they failed to exude the essence of a luxury watch brand like Bremont. Each watch boasted intricate craftsmanship, yet the overall impression left many feeling underwhelmed.

Existing owners found themselves questioning the design decisions behind each model and were quick to point out perceived corners cut to minimize expenses on the new range. The narrative surrounding each watch’s creation aimed for authenticity, but the execution fell short of expectations, leaving a lingering sense of disappointment in its wake.

The Price

Bremont vs Tudor Price

With the introduction of new models inevitably comes a fresh set of prices, and for current enthusiasts disheartened by the radical changes, this proved to be another point of contention. Many were taken aback by the pricing of the new models, further alienating them from the brand they once cherished. Some went as far as comparing Bremont to micro brands still finding their place in the market, noting the striking similarities in pricing with more established and meticulously crafted brands like Tudor.

Is this the end of the Bremont we've come to know?

It appears that Bremont is committed to this new direction, and while it may not resonate with us personally, there will likely be new fans eager to explore the brand’s evolution. However, for those who cherished the old trip-tic cases and unique designs, it seems this chapter has reached its conclusion. While we wish Bremont success in their endeavors, there’s a part of us that wouldn’t mind seeing the brothers make a comeback and restore some of the nostalgia we’ve come to love.