With Rolex stopping all manufacturing of their watches until the COVID-19 virus has been neutralised, this has given the luxury watch brand plenty of time to restrategize their new collection of watches, set for launch at new Baselworld tradeshow in January 2021. So what can we expect?

Rolex Submariner

Movement upgrade

The most preempted upgrade to the Rolex sports models is the Rolex Submariner. The Submariner is one of Rolex’s flagship tool watches and hasnt seen an update since the ceramic bezel update in 2010.

10 years on, we hope to see an upgrade in the movement and even a possible refinement in the case size with narrower lugs and a larger case. Who knows Rolex pay homage to the 1680 Single red, which would prove to be extremely popular with Submariner fans.

Chances of happening: Good

Rolex Daytona

Steel & Gold - Ceramic Bezel

In 2016, the steel Rolex Daytona received an upgrade of the black ceramic bezel to replace its current steel version. However its bimetal sisters didnt recieve the same treatmentand have continued to use precious metal bezels instead of the new hardened ceramic. We have got used to the fact that Rolex doesnt like to push all its new innovations at once, even though it has applied new technology to similar watches in the family. However this might be the time for simple refinement to the Rolex Daytona Bi-metal range. Similar to the All Gold Daytona on Oyster Flex Braclet.

While this is just a minor improvment i think it would go down well within the watch community and potentially relight the desire for bimetal sports watches.

Chances of happening: Likely

Rolex Submariner - Hulk


With the potential upgrade to the Submariner movement in 2021, we could also see the discontinuation of the famous Rolex Submariner 116610LV, better know as the Hulk. While these yearly roumers of this watch getting discontinued will most certainly inflate the price of this watch come january, the likelihood of Rolex discontinueing one of the AD’s top 5 Rolex watches is still seen to be unlikely.

However it is not uncommon for Rolex to make snap changes to remove popular watches from production.

For example the all-Black GMT Master II – Cermaic bezel was discountined after the GMT Pepsi came onto the scene. Which caused the preowned watches to fetch close upto £10,000.

We will keep our fingers crossed that this roumer just stays a rumour for now.

Chances of happening: Unlikely

Rolex GMT Master II - Coke

New Model

A hugly antisipated watch that all watch fans would lust over is the introduction of the new Rolex GMT Master II – Coke.

The Rolex GMT Coke (16710) was discountinued in 2005 and since then has been laying dormant while the Pepsi and the Batman have been taking the limelight.

This could be the time for a re-introduction of the GMT Coke. However, with the Batman and the Pepsi only being updated 2 years ago, i can imagine that the chances of this being re-introduced into circulation to be extremly unlikely, even though we could see a potential waiting list exceeding the current pepsi model.

Chances of happening: Highly Unlikely

Rolex Explorer

New Model

While this is probably the most unexpected update on the list, we think this could be a real crowd pleaser.

Currently the Rolex Explorer is only available in black with its brother the Rolex Explorer II having a polar dial variation.
The Explorer was last updated in 2011 when it moved from a 36mm to a 39mm case along with a movement and hand changes.

While there has been some chatter about an updated explorer by potentially reducing the case back to 36mm, a white dial version would be a pleasant surprise.

Chances of happening: Possible


While we like to think we can predict the next move Rolex will take in their new watches. We can safely say that your guess is as good as ours! While more roumers enter forums and more discussion happens on youtube we can be sure that Rolex will be introducing something new and hopefully it will be something we are all wanting to wear.

Thanks for reading this short post and stay safe during these uncertain times.

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