With the imminent discontinuation of the Yacht-Master II series, speculation abounds regarding Rolex's forthcoming timepieces, and recent trademark filings offer intriguing clues. As customary with Rolex, each series undergoes trademark registration before its official unveiling, and the emergence of new trademarks under Rolex S.A in 2023 fuels anticipation for potential releases in 2024.



Among the trademarks, ‘Land-Dweller’ stands out as the latest entry in the trademark journal. This name suggests a new series possibly akin to the acclaimed and intricate Sky-Dweller. While its exact functionalities remain shrouded in mystery, conjecture hints at its suitability for rugged terrains like deserts or jungles, possibly expanding Rolex’s explorer line. The prospect of another sports watch from Rolex is indeed exciting!



Fascinatingly, Rolex has recently protected the trademark ‘Space-Dweller,’ which dates back to 1966. Originally associated with the Rolex Explorer aboard the Apollo 8 mission to the moon, the Space-Dweller’s legacy was dormant until its recent resurgence in 2021. This revival suggests a potential expansion of the Sky-Dweller series, reaching for new heights, possibly in anticipation of the upcoming lunar mission in 2025. While its exact purpose remains speculative, the Space-Dweller may be tailored for space exploration, adding another dimension to Rolex’s esteemed ‘dweller’ collection.



Lastly, ‘Oystermatic’ appears less as a watch name and more as a functional feature, indicated by its trademark classification under ‘parts of watches’. The specifics of this new functionality remain a mystery, sparking curiosity as to its potential applications. Speculatively, it could introduce innovative methods to enhance power reserve, akin to Omega’s Spirate System, promising advancements in Rolex’s timekeeping technology.

So what is coming up next from Rolex?

As for Rolex’s future moves, the company’s penchant for replacing discontinued models with new offerings is well-documented. While predicting Rolex’s precise course of action is challenging, the pattern suggests an exciting April 2024 release schedule, poised to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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