Yes, you've read it correctly. This is a confirmed list of watches set to be discontinued from the Rolex Watch catalogue in April 2024. How do we know this well-kept secret? We've been in touch with various authorised dealers from different brands and have collated consistent information across all of them. With a 99% degree of certainty, we can say that the following watches will be discontinued at the upcoming Watches and Wonders event.

Yacht-Master II

Yacht Master II 2024

All watches from the Yacht Master II collection will be discontinued, encompassing all variations in steel, Rolesor, and full gold pieces. While this news may not surprise many Rolex collectors, it deals a significant blow to the Yacht Master line, which first debuted in 2007. The decision to discontinue stems from the Yacht Master II’s sales performance falling short of its smaller siblings, the Yacht Master and GMT Master. While we might see some fluctuations in its price, its lack of popularity suggests limited potential for a resurgence.

Datejust Motif Dials:

Datejust 2024

Another notable discontinuation is the Rolex Datejust Motif dials, known for their rarity and difficulty to acquire. As of April 2024, all variations of the motif dials found on steel and Rolesor models in 36mm and 41mm sizes will cease production. Among the most sought-after were the green palm 36mm Datejust and the green & blue motif Datejust 41. Expect these watches to appreciate in value, potentially by around 10% over current secondary prices.

Oyster Perpetuals – Coloured Dials

Oyster perpetual 2024

A significant blow to new and upcoming Rolex collectors is the discontinuation of the Oyster Perpetual coloured dials introduced in 2020. When these dials debuted, they enjoyed immense popularity, with most fetching a substantial premium, especially in the larger case sizes. With news of their discontinuation, these relatively affordable pieces are poised to skyrocket in value, with an estimated 30% increase over current premiums.

So what is coming up next from Rolex?

Given the prominence of these discontinued models, one can reasonably expect Rolex to introduce replacement models. Stay tuned for our next article – The New Rolex Model for 2024 – Name Revealed! for further insights.