Where there are triumphs, there inevitably lurk a few disappointments. Let's delve into the three Rolex watches from Watches & Wonders 2024 that failed to impress, earning them a spot among the year's biggest letdowns.

Rolex DeepSea - A.k.a 'The Oil Baron'

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 Deepsea

The new Rolex Deepsea in full gold is a conversation starter. While its hefty 18k gold construction makes it less suited for deep dives, it offers a luxurious take on a professional-grade timepiece. This might appeal to collectors who value Rolex’s engineering heritage with a touch of opulence. However, the substantial weight and price point compared to the stainless steel Deepsea may limit its audience.

Rolex Daytona - M.O.P Dial & Diamond Bezel

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 Daytona

The new gem-set Daytona collection offers a luxurious take on the iconic chronograph, featuring sparkling diamonds and a rare pearl dial. While it caters to a distinct clientele comfortable with a £90-100,000 price tag, it might not be the most universally desired iteration of the Daytona.

Rolex Sky-Dweller - Jubilee Variant

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 Skydweller

The Rolex market softening has impacted the Sky-Dweller, especially full yellow or rose gold models priced above £40,000. Rolex’s introduction of a Sky-Dweller with a jubilee bracelet presents an interesting twist. While it might increase the retail price, it could also broaden the watch’s appeal to those who prefer the jubilee style. The net effect on secondary market prices remains to be seen.

What did Rolex do well in 2024?

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