Watches & Wonders is here, and Rolex lovers are buzzing with excitement over the brand's latest releases. Let's dive into the coolest picks that are sure to turn heads!

Rolex GMT Master II - Black & Grey Bezel (A.k.a Bruce Wayne)

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 GMT Master 2

In a surprising turn of events, the iconic black bezel GMT Master II has made a comeback, albeit with a unique twist: a striking grey half encircling the bezel, a departure from its previous full black design discontinued back in 2019. Anticipated by numerous watch enthusiasts who had seen mock-ups circulating on reddit prior to its release, this rendition, though lacking in groundbreaking originality, stands out as Rolex’s most notable steel release in 2024.

We anticipate that this watch will typically be sought after in your local ads but won’t be excessively in demand within a year.

Rolex 1908 - Platinum Guilloche rice-grain motif

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 1908

Rolex’s most captivating addition to the 1908 lineup is a platinum model featuring a mesmerizing Guilloché rice-grain dial. This luxurious timepiece joins the existing white and yellow gold variants, and it arguably steals the show. However, prepare to loosen your purse strings – the leather-strapped platinum 1908 starts at a cool £26,000. While a slightly lower price point would undoubtedly propel it to mega-hit status, the exclusivity and intricate craftsmanship undeniably justify the cost.

Rolex DayDate 40 / 36 - Green Dials

Rolex Watches and wonders 2024 daydate

Rolex caps off its latest releases with a stunning Day-Date surprise: two unique green dials in a single timepiece. One variation boasts classic Roman numerals, while the other dazzles with baguette diamond hour markers. This audacious design is certain to become a collector’s favourite, but be prepared to invest – it carries a hefty price tag of around £34,000.

Similar to the highly sought-after Olive Day-Date in rose gold, we anticipate these new green-dialed Day-Date models to command a premium of around £5,000 above retail price.

Any watches to avoid from Rolex?

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